The school was a buzz today as the 2013 Prep students entering their foundation year started at Pender's Grove. Fortunately not all Victoria's 75 000 new Prep students were starting at Pender's but those who did soon relaxed as they developed some significant relationships with teachers and their peers. Thanks to all the teachers and parents who helped ease the tension of this wonderful new stage in the lives of our new students. We look forward to getting to know all the Preps and their parents better over the coming weeks. 

Students in 34J started the year by thinking about their own learning and the learning of others. They explored what they thought was important in learning and brainstormed individually and then in pairs and finally shared their ideas with the whole class. A great deal of discussion took place as they changed their language of don't to consider what they needed to do. A wonderfully collaborative picture was taken to celebrate the beginings of the 34J description of expectations. It will be exciting to see it refined and evolve over the coming days.




Students and teachers were busy over the final term in 2012 as they sought to understand the role of students' questioning within the school. Observations were held in a range of classes across the school and students in Year 3 to Year 6 completed an online survey. The issues taised in the surveys were further explored in four focus groups run by an external collaborator. During 2013 students and teachers will be introducing different strategies to enhance students' questions.


Drawing a Breath


Students, teachers and even parents are preparing for another energetic year of learning. Cardboard boxes litter the corridors as supplies are unpacked, muffled grunts echo through empty building as teachers wrestle tables into place and a sense of excitement descends over our Pender's Grove community.

While teachers arrive back on Tuesday we welcome students from Year 1 through to Year 6 on Wednesday. We are all looking forward to the wondrous learning adventures ahead.


    Here is a glimpse into the life of our school community. It is both an invitation to join us adn a celebration of learning.


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